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VITECTOR Launches New Wireless Transmission System


Simplify Safety Systems with Wireless Gateway System (WGS)

VITECTOR’s new wireless gateway system (WGS) is an exciting new product designed to simplify safety systems for power operated doors and gates by replacing cable connections with 2.4 GHz radio based communications. The system can connect safety devices, such as sensing edges, slack cable switches, and pedestrian door switches installed on the door leaf, with the door’s control unit. Coil cables, energy chains and other ‘hard’ wiring systems are no longer needed!

  • Replaces Coil Cables or Energy Chains Between Door Panels and Door Controller
  • Modes of Operation: Always On, Activation on Test Input, Voltage Lift
  • For OSE and 8k2 Safety Edges, ENS Pedestrian Door Switch & NCC Switches
  • Individual Signals for Primary and Secundary Safety Edge
  • Safety Edge Output Signal Types: OSE, 8k2, NCC

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A typical WGS installation would consist of a gateway unit, connected to the door’s control module, and up to 3 satellite units mounted close to the safety sensors. The transmission radius is up to 10 meters. With no need for coil cables or other wires, installation is quick and easy, with a simple and straightforward process for pairing the gateway unit with the satellite devices. Security is enhanced by encryption of the radio signals using AES 128. The system meets the requirements for Cat. 2 PL c devices according EN 13849:2015 satisfying the requirements of EN 12453:2017 for power operated doors and gates. A variety of typical safety edge signal outputs are supported, including OSE, 8k2, and NCC. At the interface to the door control unit, standard relay NCC/NOC or NCC 5k relay, 8k2 and OSE signals are supported. A self-testing algorithm ensures reliable communications between the gateway and satellite devices and rapid response to alarms from sensors.

Wireless Communication via 2.45 Gigahertz Radio Waves

  • Stop Loop Output NCC
  • Up to 3 Satellites per Gateway
  • Transmission Radius up to 10 m
  • Easy to Retro-fit
  • EN 12453:2017 Conform

WGS gateway and satellite units are designed to provide long, reliable service also under outdoor conditions. For such conditions, the ABS standard enclosure of each device is replaced by a sturdy weather-resistant polycarbonate housing built to withstand rain, dust, extreme temperatures, and prolonged UV radiation. Long-life lithium batteries and energy-efficient electronic circuits reduce maintenance requirements.

The gateway supports connections to up to six satellite units, enough for highly sophisticated protection systems. For simpler installations, VITECTOR offers kit packages designed to provide cost-effective solutions for sliding gates, sectional or rolling doors.