Controller O S E – C 2 3 0 0 / O S E – C 2 3 0 1


The external control unit, OSE-C 2300 / 2301 has been developed according to the requirements of safety-category 3 of EN 13849-1. The device consequently can be utilized for automated doors and gates in accordance to the European standards EN 12453 and EN 12978.

The control unit will monitor up to two optical safety edges. The contacts of the redundant output-relay (terminals 33/34,) open, if one of the two installed optical safety edges is actuated. A differentiation between the two optical safety edges is not possible.

After the opening of the output-relays, a NOreverse contact (terminals 23/24) will be closed for a short period to re-open the door. The time delay before the door reverses is set to 50 ms. The relay is actuated for a duration of 500 ms.