optochain sensors (OPC)



The OPTOCHAIN is a modular system of sensing edges for the use on automatic doors and machines. It is made up of one master sensing edge and up to four slave safety edges which are connected in series.

The master is a low power version of the well-known OPTOEDGE. The Slaves are characterized by a special transmitter and is able to pro-cess an incoming safety signal of a previous sensing edge.

The serial connection of multiple sensing edges reduces the wiring effort and minimizes the number of safety channels which have to be analyzed by a control unit.

The out coming safety signal is compatible to all existent control units with integrated OSE-interface. Thus there is no need for external control units if there is more than one safety edge to be mounted.


  • Safety Category 3 Accordant to EN 13849-1
  • Only One Channel to be Analyzed
  • Easy On-Site Assembly
  • Robust Against Mechanical Damages or Water
  • Protection Class IP68
  • Maintenance Free
  • Max. Range of Sensing Edge 10 m