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Safety Light Curtain



The RAY-LG‘s emitter and receiver bars create a grid of infrared beams. When the infrared beams are interrupted, the system sends a signal to the connected door controller. As soon as the detection area is “clear” again, the output switches to indicate that the area is “clear”.

VITECTOR offers two versions. The product line RAY-LG x5xx is an EN 12453 type E device and has straight beams. RAY-LG x1xx can be used as EN 12453 type D solution and features cross beams. The sensors can be mounted directly into the tracks. As the door closes, the RAY-LG recognizes the door (door blanking). The door blanking feature allows partial closing of the door and subsequent continuation of the closing cycle.

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  • RAY-LG x5xx: EN 12453 Type E Device Available
  • RAY-LG x1xx: High Detection Capability due to Cross Beams
  • Automatic Door Recognition (“Blanking”) with Partial Door Opening
  • Track-Mounting
  • Designed for Door Speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • Resistant to Dust, Dirt and Water
  • IP67 Waterproof Housing
  • Increased Immunity from Ambient Light
  • OSE Output or Semiconductor Output Available
  • Cross Section of Only 12 × 16 mm
  • Safety Cat. 2, PL d acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Application Overview