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New Non-Contact Door Safety System RAY-NC

VITECTOR has introduced its new RAY-NC non-contact sensor system. The new system travels with the door edge and detects obstacles in the path of the moving door before any physical contact occurs. RAY-NC complies with the requirements of EN12978 and can be installed as an alternative to sensing edges, light curtains and other entrapment protection devices.

  • Non Contact, Means no Force Measurement
  • Resistant against Vibration and Misalignment
  • Easy Customization for OEM Solutions
  • OSE Output
  • Operating Range up to 9m
  • Cost Efficient

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Ideal for Retrofitting

Older door installations may require a significant contact force between the door edge and an obstacle before a warning is triggered. Workplace safety rules coming into effect in Germany and some other jurisdictions put an upper limit on the permissible force, which could lead to doors failing mandatory safety inspections. Retrofitting these doors with a non-contacting RAY-NC system is a good way of ensuring that they are able to remain in service.

Unaffected by Reflection and Sunlight

Conventional pre-travelling photo eyes or non-contact systems encounter often problems because of the light reflected from nearby surfaces. Unless the transmitter has a narrowly focused light beam the reflected light can ‘fool’ the system so that it fails to detect an object in the path of the moving door.

With the new VITECTOR system, an advanced software algorithm differentiates between directly transmitted light and reflected light so that there is much less chance of failing to recognize an obstacle. The new intelligent sensor approach allows the use of a relatively broad IR beam (±10 degrees). This reduces the need for critical alignment of the transmitter unit when the system is installed and makes the system more tolerant to random motions of the beam due to vibrations in the door. As a result, installation of the RAY-NC system is quick and easy for new doors or gates, or as a retrofit for older equipment.

Non-Contact Protection for any Door


The RAY-NC optical transmitter and receiver modules are designed to extend below the lower edge of a vertical-moving door while it is open, and then retract into protective housings when the door reaches the floor or ground. The operating range is 9 metres, enough for most wide commercial and industrial doors. VITECTOR RAY-NC systems are suitable for outdoor use: all components have a protection rating of IP65 and an operating temperature range of -20 − 55°C.

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A Quick Guide for Installation and Start-up!