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VITECTOR at R+T 2018


Thank You for Visiting Us!

Many thanks for the conversation at R+T 2018 in Stuttgart!

This Year’s Highlights Are

Internet of Doors

  • Bringing the Door to the Cloud
  • Wireless Communication of all Door Components
  • Wireless DataTransmission for Highest Availability
  • Connection of Smartphones and Tablets
  • Cloud Access
  • Collection of User and Usage Data


Spyder Products - Retro-Fit and OEM Solutions

  • Retro-Fit Solution
  • Central Database for Data Analytics
  • Need-Based Maintenance Now
  • Predictive Maintenance with Big DatanAlgorithms
  • Just-In-Time Spare Part Logistics and Service Dispatch

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Slack Cable Switch – SCS

  • Slack-Cable Switch in accordance with EN 12453-2017
  • Cat. 2 / PL “c” acc. EN ISO 13849-1
  • Positive Opening NC Contact
  • Optional Short-Circuit Detection by Internal Resistor
  • Switch Function Testable in Installation

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Non-Contact Door Safety System – RAY-NC / RAY-NC-SD

  • Non Contact, Means no Force Measurement
  • Easy to Retroft, Applicable for Any Door
  • Unaffected by Reflection and Sunlight
  • Resistant against Vibration and Misalignment
  • Easy Customization for OEM Solutions
  • OSE Output
  • Fulfls Requirements of EN12978

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Wireless Signal Transmission System

  • Wireless Communication via 2.45 gigahertz radio waves
  • Replaces Coil Cables or Energy Chains Between Door Panels and Door Controller
  • For OSE and 8k2 Safety Edges, ENS Pedestrian Door Switch & NCC Switches
  • Idividual Signals for Primary and Secondaru Safety Edge

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