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Safety Light Curtain



RAY-LG is a very compact safety light curtain designed to monitor all types of high-speed doors, sectional doors and industrial doors with a maximum operating range of 8 m. It features up to 50 elements and a minimum resolution of 50 mm.

Thanks to its door blanking feature RAY-LG can be installed directly into the guide rails of the gate. The use of criss-cross beams makes RAY-LG capable of detecting even small objects. In addition RAY-LG is very easy to install and is available with various beam spacings and electrical outputs. A very high light reserve, as well as its IP67 rating, makes the RAY-LG insensitive to dust, dirt and water. For the detection of drawbars VITECTOR offers a version with 50 elements and a minimum resolution of 50 mm.


  • RAY-LG x5xx: EN 12453 Type E Device Available
  • RAY-LG x1xx: High Detection Capability due to Cross Beams
  • Automatic Door Recognition (“Blanking”) with Partial Door Opening
  • Track-Mounting
  • Designed for Door Speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • Resistant to Dust, Dirt and Water
  • IP67 Waterproof Housing
  • Increased Immunity from Ambient Light
  • OSE Output or Semiconductor Output Available
  • Cross Section of Only 12 × 16 mm
  • Safety Cat. 2, PL d acc. to EN ISO 13849-1