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The sensors (transmitter and receiver) are shaped like conventional profiled end plugs. The electronics are completely sealed in the housing to ensure high resistance to such ambient influences as water, dust and moisture. Their type of protection corresponds to IP 68.


The transmitter generates a pulsed infrared signal, the strength of which is automatically adjusted in line with the length of the safety edge. This guarantees optimum sensitivity and high availability at all times. The transmitter includes a self-learning function and can therefore compensate for the effects of aging in electronic components or the profile, as well as minor deformation caused by damage to the door leaf. This further enhances the availability of the safety edge.


The receiver responds to failure of the dynamic IR light beam by generating an error message which is detected by the control unit and causes the potentially hazardous movement to be halted. Use of a modulated light signal ensures high security against extraneous light.


  • Safety category 1 to 4 according to EN 13849-1
  • Power supply 2.7 to 24 V
  • Self-adjusting light intensity
  • Modulated light-signal – Resistant against ambient light
  • Fully cast in resin – Protection class IP68
  • Cable suitable for energy guiding chains on request