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Wireless Systems (OPT)



In most cases a spiral cable is used to connect the sensing edge to the door control unit. However very often the spiral cable had been in the way, tangling around salient parts of the door and eventually tearing, or just obstructing the light barrier. The OPTOCORD system was designed to be used in such applications to replace the spiral cable

Specially designed low-power OSE sensors allow an extended battery lifetime and thus ensure a reliable operation of the system.The communication takes part between a fixed-mounted and cable-bound part of the OPTOCORD (OPT-CF) and a battery-operated moving part (OPT-CM). The stationary part is connected with a cable to the door control unit while interacting by means of a bi-directional IR-signal transmission with the moving part, to which the optical sensing edge is connected.

  • Safety category 3 according to EN 13849-1
  • For door heights up to 7 m
  • Battery lifetime > 2 years