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Internet of Doors


Bringing the Door to the Cloud

“Internet of Doors” is a joint project of the well-known door control manufacturer GTE Industrieelektronik and VITECTOR. It is the consequent application of the internet of things in the door industry. The wireless connection of sensors, door control and periphery via Wireless DataTransmission offers access to smartphones and IT infrastructure and makes it possible to connect the door to the cloud. Using intelligent web services provides major advantages for manufacturers, installers and end users.

  • Wireless Communication of all Door Components
  • Wireless DataTransmission for Highest Availability
  • Connection of Smartphones and Tablets
  • Cloud Access
  • Collection of User and Usage Data
  • Improve Door Control and Setup



App for Smart Devices

An app on a smartphone or tablet can be used to control the door, provide live diagnostic data, status information, visual maintenance and repair instructions.

  • Door Control and Settings
  • Failure Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Access to the Cloud
  • Data Mining

Sensing Devices

Sensing devices can be added flexibly to the system. Due to wireless transmission of safety signals, the wiring effort is minimized and installation costs are significantly reduced. The Wireless DataTransmission Module and batteries are installed in the junction box.

  • Reflective Photo Eye (RAY-RT)
  • Contact Edges (OSE)
  • Pedestrian Door Switch (ENS)
  • Safety Photo Eye (RAY)
  • ....



Control Elements

Different control elements can be added flexibly to the system. VITECTOR offers 3-button stations or pull-rope switches with Wireless Data Transmission to control the door in the traditional way. A wireless emergency stop button can be added to the door control system for emergency shut-off.

  • 3-Button Station
  • Pull-Rope Switch
  • Emergency Switch
  • ...

Door Control

VITECTOR offers extensive know-how to support you in integrating a Wireless Data Transmission module into your existing door control unit. By making your door control wireless compatible, your customer will benefit from features like control via App and cloud access.

  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Central Communication Unit
  • Communication with “Internet of Doors“
  • Wireless Components