Threaded Photo Eye



The Threaded Photo Eye is designed for Securing the Passage Way and is therefore not safety relevant. Therefore, it is recommended to be installed in a height of 50cm to 100cm above the floor level. It is suitable for an operating range up to 15m and an emitting/ receiving angle +/- 10 degrees.

The set is composed of a light transmitter and a light receiver (length 46 mm both) and accessories (bevelled locknuts and washers )to adjust the angles during mounting for a maximal operating range. On flat surfaces the sensors can be mounted without adjustment with the M16 locknuts or in a tapped mounting hole directly.

Depending on the length of the connection cable to the control unit there two versions of the product available; one with a long cable of 10,5 m and one with a shorter cable of 1m. For cases where double protection is needed, for example for kids and trucks, there is also a double version of the product. So RAY-DS offers monitoring of double sensors in one product and has exactly the same technical characteristics as RAY-M.


  • Compatible with OPTOEDGE Safety Edge
  • Max. operating range 15 m
  • Angle of radiation 10°
  • Front-side indication LED
  • Protection class IP68